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Nature's Nest 100% Soy Candles 

Our candles are lovingly HANDMADE using eco-friendly 100% pure soy wax, which burns cleaner and longer than synthetic waxes. Wicks are made of all natural materials and are coated with soy wax. Candles are scented with 100% pure essential oils only - thus, what you smell is the true fragrance from the plant, flower, tree or shrub that it is named for, and it is a pure and longer lasting fragrance.

For those of you who are allergic to or just don't like synthetic fragrances, you will mostly find that Nature's Nest essential oil fragrances are quite pleasant and unless you are allergic to the plant, flower, tree or shrub that it is named for, you will probably not experience an allergic reaction upon smelling it.

Candle scents such as Citrus Flower and Tropical Spice can be seen on our products page, which lists the complete menu of candles available for purchase. Ask about our personalized candles, where you provide the container and we make the candle in it just for you, in your favorite essential oil fragrance.

Learn About Our Recycling Program

Nature's Nest also has a recycling program that allows you to return your clean, empty containers for credits toward the purchase of body oils, sugar scrubs and soy candles. Find out more about our program here.

Different Scents Make Sense

Yes, it's true! What you smell in each and every Nature's Nest Aromatherapy product is a blend of two or more 100% pure essential oils. There are NO artificial fragrances in any Nature's Nest Aromatherapy product - EVER! We use a variety of different essential oils from plants, flowers, trees and shrubs, which we have compiled into a complete list on our Scents Page. Look here to find out what each essential oil can do for your body, mind and spirit..